See, here at ClinCept, we really don’t like that question. A more accurate question is, “who is ClinCept?” It’s easy to say “a clinical research company that specializes in clinical trials,” but that would not be completely accurate.

Let’s meet Mark Anderson, the 68-year-old retired military sergeant who has suffered from severe ulcerative colitis for the past 30 years of his life. A decorated veteran who spent most of his adult life serving our country. A man who has led, trained, and mentored some of the finest men that our military has ever seen. But that is not how Mark identifies himself. On Tuesdays, Mark usually spends a few hours handing out small pantings to senior citizens in a local senior citizen home, paintings that he drew himself. He would then go for a quick workout at the gym, before heading for a quick smoothie at the local smoothie shop. Afterward, he sneaks a couple of hours in his home office to work on his book that he’s been working on for a few weeks. Dang writer’s block! He finishes his day by working on a few “self-confidence goals” to help curb his writer’s block.

How could Mark, a well-respected local and military veteran struggle with confidence issues? Well, that could be placed at the feet of an irritable bowel disease called “ulcerative colitis.” He dealt with it for years, ignored it, popped a pill here and there… Why? Because his country needed him. his men needed him. They gave him purpose, and there was no way he’d let them down.

But one day, the pain was overwhelming and debilitating. That’s when he knew he had to get help. He tried to get more serious about taking his medications, but they didn’t help. In fact, he felt worse.

It hurt him to leave the military, even with his VA disability. He had to do something new, learn something new. He did find a new passion: painting. He grew quite fond of painting beautiful images take his mind off the constant pain. It always made him feel better to give them away to the elderly.

However, one day he got more than he bargained for: advice that will change his life.

One of the senior citizens mentioned that they were dealing with the same condition and enrolled in a clinical trial with ClinCept. “A research trial? Research? That sounds like labrats! And who’s ClinCept?” But after but after much reluctance and a little convincing, Mark decided to check it out.

Boy. was he ever glad he did.

What he found was that this somewhat quirky, full of energy staff, the first wanted to get to know him. “That’s different,” Mark thought. Oh, but would it get even stranger. Jenny, the study coordinator, asked him about his hobbies, his life, and Mark realized, for the first time, that he spent most of his time giving to others, it was weird to answer those questions. It was weird for someone to be interested in getting to know him as an individual.

After a few questions, Mark decides to learn more. Jenny explained that before trial was ever presented, they wanted a chance to really get to know their patients. It was a good response, but the good old Mark still a bit apprehensive.

When Jenny first presented him with a trial, Mark was hesitant because he really didn’t have a good understanding of clinical studies, and he did not necessarily want to try something new, even though his current medication was not helping. Jenny understood and did not try to pressure him. She simply gave him the paper to read over and a parting smile. 

A few days later, Mark attended a local health summit, put together to educate the general public about ulcerated colitis. Much to his surprise, Mark noticed Jenny was one of the speakers at the summit. After hearing her presentation of the effects of ulcerative colitis, Mark decided to approach her to learn more.

 It was an excellent choice!

Joining the clinical trial completely treated his severe ulcerative colitis, much better than his former medication. And Jenny was with him every step of the way. They even became friends, often swapping painting tips and tricks. Mark received more than he bargained for: friendship, patience, compassion, and education.

You see asking, “what is ClinCept?“ doesn’t make sense, because ClinCept is more clearly defined by the people who walk through the door. Jenny is ClinCept. Mark is ClinCept. And other stories like Mark’s.

At ClinCept, we are effective at providing clinical studies to those who come in scared, reluctant, and hopeless. We are great at establishing genuine relationships, but where we excel is commitment. Commitment to your pharmaceutical company. Commitment to our patients. We are committed to care. We are ClinCept.

One Reply to “What is ClinCept? (Mark’s Story)”

  1. Clincept since the very first time I went there I felt comfortable, the staff are all AMAZING as well as the owner, it just felt like they had always been there, Clincept has been a BleSSinG to me in many ways, I had been on not 1 but 2 blood pressure meds for years, I entered in one of the studies offered for Hypertension, since then I’m no longer on either of my meds and my blood pressure has been almost perfect!!! I no longer have to remember taking my meds daily nor do I have to pay for them, instead I get compensated for being a part of this study !!! Clincept also recently just BLESSED me w a Lung screening that otherwise I would not of been able to afford… I am ever Sooo Grateful for Clincept and VerY BleSSeD. Thank You Clincept, a Special Thanks to my Nurses, AmiaH & ElmA !!
    Thank You to the Owner JaY who always makes me Feel WelcomE w a SmilE that lights up the World… 💕💕💕

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