ClinCept is dedicated to further medical progress.

As such, we offer a variety of Consulting Services to span every step of the clinical trial process. ClinCept can assist through every stage, from research and development to market entry and licensing. At every step, ClinCept ensures that federal regulations are followed and that the safety of our participants is guaranteed.

  • Medical writing
  • Medical concierge services
  • Drug development consulting
  • Consulting for medical devices and in vitro diagnostics
  • Regulatory affairs support
  • Product life cycle management support
  • Strategic support, including market entry and licensing
  • Regenerative medicine consulting
  • Clinical Trials
  • Development & Manufacturing
  • Laboratory
  • Site and Patient Support
  • Regenerative Medicine
  • CMC Consulting
  • Drug Development Testing
  • Medical Device & IVD Consulting
  • Regulatory Consulting

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We work with pharmaceutical companies, contract research organizations, and academic research institutes to make clinical trials available to patients.